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1-Color Ink-Cup Pad Printers

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FC-266AOC One-Color
FC-266AOC One-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
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FC-261AOC One-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer

Customer purchase and installation
1.Automatic Detection Position

2.Automatic Spraying (Spraying PP Primer)

3.Automatic Out Put

A. Can be installed suction, pressure material, push material positioning,
    automatic discharge agencies, industrial cameras, hair dryer, and so the
    surrounding institutions.

B. Built-in intelligent column chart, the past 30 days of production capacity,
    running time,production speed at a glance, beyond the past 30 days,
Subtitles show tips.

Color touch panel, built-in 3 languages, Traditional Chinese, English,

Feature : 
            1. Sheet Metal + Powder Coating Machine Body. Fashion
           Appearance (Patent No. M456283)

            2. Automatic sensor inlet pressure, lower than the set value to suspend
          printing and alarm

            3. Using "Japan DAIDO Oilless Bearing".
            4. 7 inches Colored Touched Panel. Panasonic PLC Control.
            5. 60mm Ink-Cups
Elliptical disk rotation using high-precision servo motor drive
            7. Adjustable Ink-Scraping Device (Pantent No. M311585). Easy to adjust the
            pressure of the Ink-Scraping.

            8.  The steel plate can be adjusted XY axis, can also be fine-tuning angle
            9.  Hot air device to enhance the material drying speed
          10.  Special holding fixture mechanism
          11.  Adjustable speed and turntable moving speed, with each other to adjust
           the production speed

Suitable for : 

Toys, Stationery, Jewelry, Watch Surface, Eelectronic Products, Switches, Buttons, Metalfinished and semi-finished products, Ceramic Glass products, uneven surface printing.
Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy to access the materials. It
is also able to expand the automation peripherals to increase production.

Printed Product

Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (mm) Net W.
FC-261AOC 1
L:200 W:90 H:10
   900~1200 Pcs L:150 W:138 H:160 650 Kg

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