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FC-292ACC Two-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
FC-292ACC Two-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer  :

Slide type two-color machine, the advantage is that only a fixture can be installed to produce,
and disc or oval disk is required to use CNC processing multiple sets of consistent fixture,
It is especially suitable for users who do not have a small amount of production. The cost of the
machine is also lower than that of a disc or elliptical disk, but the capacity is lower than that of a
disc or an oval 
Machine, about 720 ~ 1200PCS / H.

Feature : 
1.65536 Color TFT Touch Panel
2.PLC Control, Easy to Add Functions
3. Adjustable Ink-Scraping Device (Pantent No. M311585). Easy to adjust the pressure of the Ink-Scraping.
4. Embedded Cost Saving Light Bulb
5. Malfunction Detector. Screen Display
6. Adjustable Ink-Cup Pressure
7. Electronic Air Pressure Sensor
8. Adjustable Steel Plate Base. Able to Change Angles front and back, left to right.

Customer Add Buy:
1. Pad Cleaning Device
2. Rotary Cylinder   ( For Product Rotary)
3. Precision steel plate seat (Reduce the tolerance of the steel base )